Bioproduction of Plant specific compounds

Root drugs are destructively harvested in nature. Series of experiments were conducted to develop viable root and hairy root culture as an alternative source of root specific drugs and chemicals. The technologies developed for the bioproduction of plumbagin, an anti neoplastic compound and 2-hydroxy 4-methoxy benzaldehyde are either patented or filed for patenting. Cultures developed for the Bioproduction of camptothecin, ajamalicine, trichosanthin and hypericin are also quite promising.

Active principle Bioactivity Plant species Culture Experimental Status
Plumbagin Antimicrobial Plumbago roseaL. Root / hairy roots Culture conditions optimized & the process for plumbagin production patented
Camptothecin Anticancer Nothapodites foetida,Ophiorrhiza sp. Cells / roots Experiments in progress
2-hydroxy, 4-methoxy benzaldehyde Diuretic, food additive Hemidesmus indicusRbr. Cells / roots / hairy roots Culture conditions optimized & filed patents for the process of two products using the compounds
Ajmalicine Antihypertensive Rauwolfia micrantha Hairy roots Culture conditions optimized
Trichosanthin Anti HIV Trichosanthes cucumariana Hairy roots Culture conditions being Optimized.
Hypericin Antidepressent and antiretroviral Hypericum sps Callus and cell suspension Scaling up in progress





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