Future programmes

Plant animal interaction studies

Division is envisaged to undertake a few more programmed on plant animal interactions especially of birds and mammals with certain tree species. The main aspects of this programme include pollination biology and seed dispersal, so vital for the survival and continuance of the existing ecosystem.

Amphibian Ecology

As part of an extensive programme the Division is planning to undertake study on the amphibians as an ecological indicator in the selected pockets of the Western Ghats.

Database on Western Ghats Flora

In continuation of the Kerala Flora Database, the Division is planning to undertake a database on the Western Ghats Flora.

Red Data Plants of Kerala

This work plans to document the rare and endemic plants of Kerala. The results are planning to be published in the form of a book ‘Red Data Plants Of Kerala’.

Tree Pollen Flora of the Western Ghats

This ongoing programme envisages the study of the pollen grains of tree species found in the Western Ghats using LM and SCM. The results will be published in the form a pollen atlas with detailed description of pollen character, identification keys to pollen types and photographs, which will serve as a database for various disciplines of science.

Atlas of Airborne Pollen and Fungal Spores of Kerala

Preparation of an atlas of airborne pollen grains and fungal spores of Kerala with detailed descriptions and photographs will serve as a precise identification tool for the academicians, scientists, allergologists and forensic experts.

















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