Ethnomedicine and Ethnopharmacology

The Division of Ethnomedicine & Ethnopharmacology was established in the year 1992, to fulfill the objectives given below:


To conserve, preserve and sustainably utilize the rich traditional herbal wealth and knowledge system of our country. To translate/ extend the outcome of the research in to action for the benefit of the common people at the grassroots.


  • Ethno-medico-botanical survey
  • Systematic documentation of Traditional Knowledge associated with biodiversity of Kerala State.
  • Preparation of electronic database and protection of Traditional Knowledge associated with plants used for food and medicine under sui generis system.
  • Ethnopharmacological Research. Formulation and Standardization of novel herbal remedies / nutraceuticals and other plant based products.
  • Inter- institutional collaborative research programmes. Product development, Technology transfer, Commercialization and Equitable Sharing of benefits with Traditional knowledge holders/ providers.
  • Implementation of Extension/Outreach Programmes


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