JNTBGRI is the only organization in India, perhaps in the whole of Asia, which maintains a 300 acre conservatory garden for the wild tropical plant genetic resources of the country. It is reckoned as the biggest conservatory garden in Asia with over 50,000 accessions belonging to 3500 species. The divisions major achievements include development of Arboretum (750 species), Palmetum (150 species), Orchard for lesser-known fruit plants (120 species), Fernery (250 species), Wild ornamentals (120 species), Rare, Endangered and Threatened (RET) species Park (120 species) etc and special assorted collections such as Cycads (18 species), Ornamental plants (750 species/varieties), Cacti and succulents (200 species), Bromeliads (40 species), Water plants (50 species) and Jasmines (48 species).

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