Arboretum, Ficus Garden & Bonsai Plants

The development of conservatory for trees and woody shrubs was initiated in 1985. Today the 20 hectare Arboretum holds over 3500 trees and woody plants belonging to 700 species of tropical trees.

Majority of the plants are from Western Ghats region which includes about 250 endemic and rare species. About 20% are exotic plants. Each species is represented by 4-5 specimens. All the plants are labeled. Almost all of the plants grown in the Arboretum have flowered and fruited during last 25 years. Saplings generated from these plants are distributed and sold regularly to public, NGOs and Governmental organizations, ensuring their conservation.

Antiaris toxicaria (Upas tree), Pterygota alata (Mad tree), Baccaurea courtallense (Mooty pazham), various species of Humboldtia, Garcinia, Syzygium etc are attractions among native plants whereas Adansonia digitata (Baobab), Amherstia nobilis, Gustavia augusta (Lotus of heaven) etc are exotic curiosities.



Ficus collection
JNTBGRI has the finest collection of Ficus plants within the country. The genus Ficus (Moraceae) is one among the largest genera in flowering plants with more than 850 species world over. This tropical genus is represented in India by about 100 species, mainly in peninsular India and North-eastern regions.

The plants are of various economic importance such as fruit plants (F. carica and F. auriculata), medicinal plants (F. benghalensis, L., Ficus microcarpa L. f., Ficus racemosa L. and F. religiosa L., form the ‘Nalpamara’ of Ayurveda) and ornamental plants, (Indian rubber plant F. elastica and Krishna’s butter cup Ficus benghalensis cv ‘Krishnae‘). 70 species are represented in our collection, mainly Indian species from all over the country. A few exotic species from Africa are also grown. A bonsai presentation of all these species is also maintained.









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