The fern collection of JNTBGRI is one among the largest collection of living ferns within the country. It consists of 150 species in 70 genera belonging to 30 families.

The programme was started in 1993 and mainly concentrates on Fern and Fern allies of the Western Ghats. JNTBGRI Fernery holds 220 species in 75 genera, About 50 species in this collection are plants under Rare, Endangered and Threatened categories, which make this collection significant in terms of conservation.

Representatives from all the groups of ferns such as ‘Primitive ferns, ”Maiden hair ferns’, ‘Polypdioid ferns’, ‘Spleenworts’, ‘Thelypteroid ferns’ and ‘Tree ferns’ make the collection highly educative. Taxonomic studies of the ferns of Western Ghats are done as a major programme under this project. Two new species and several new reports were recorded.









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