Lesser Known Fruit Plants

Conservatory orchard of fruit plants represented in JNTBGRI with about 110 lesser known fruit plants

Modern man depend mainly on high yielding cultivated and hybrid fruits, often exotic ones, for their daily fruit needs. In this process the native and indigenous fruits were often neglected and many got lost. Our ancestors and even today the tribal and forest people use many such natural lesser-known fruits in their day to day life. Though not very tasty, not high yielding, they are source of many nutrients, vitamins and anti oxidants which help us to lead healthy way of living.

JNTBGRI initiated a programme on the conservation and popularisation of lesser-known fruit plants of Western Ghats as early as 1991. After a detailed survey and documentation among the local people and ethnic communities, we have developed a conservatory orchard of about 110 lesser known fruit plants in our Garden. Regular programme on multiplication and distribution is also being done.

Buchnania barberi Gamble, B. lanceolata Wt., Baccaurea courtallensis (Wt.) Muell.-Arg., Elaegnus conferta Roxb., Elaeocarpus serratus L., Flacourtia montana Grah., Garcinia gummi-gutta (L.) N. Robs., G. indica (Thouras) Choisy, Phoenix loureirri Kunth, Syzygium chavaran (Bourd.) Gamble. are some among the promising species.










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