JNTBGRI has the finest collection of palms within the country. In the Palmetum over 150 palm species from different parts of the globe are grown.

The Palmetum was started in 1987 in a 5 hectare degraded plot. Almost all the native palms are represented. A gathering of highly economic, climbing palms, the ‘Rattans’ is an attraction of the Palmetum.

Royal Botanic Gardens, KEW, UK have assisted a lot in the development of Palmetum in initial days by providing about 60 species collected from Madagascar and Malaysian regions.

Besides rattans, endemic palms of Western Ghats such as Arenga wightii Griffith, Bentinckia condapanna Berry ex Roxb. and Pinanga dicksonii (Roxb) Bl, Andaman plants such as Korthalsia rogersii Becc. and Phoenix paludosa Roxb. from the North East are also represented.






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