Plant Genetic Resources

Conservation and sustainable utilization of plant genetic resource of the country is the broad vision of the Plant Genetic Resource Division of JNTBGRI and engaged with the specific mission to conserve diverse botanical entities from the Western Ghats, Northeast India and the Andaman – Nicobar Islands for the sustainable development of the State as well as the country. The Indian flora constitutes approximately 45,000 species including 17,000 vascular plants. Out of the officially recorded 120 botanic gardens in India, JNTBGRI is the one and only institution which maintains conservatory garden for wild tropical plant genetic resources of the country. PGR Division plays a key role in this regard by persevering live collections of various economically important plant groups, such as medicinal, aromatic, spice plants, orchids, bamboos, insectivores plants, endemic and endangered species from various regions of the country.

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