R&D Projects

Ongoing Projects

1 Establishment of seed bank and field gene bank of Saraca asoca (Roxb.) W.J.de Wilde – A vulnerable medicinal species of the Indian Subcontinent   Dr. Anil Kumar C    
2 Bioprospecting of Potential Gingers: Chemical Prospecting, Morphological characterization and ex situ Conservation   Dr. Mathew Dan PI
Dr. B Sabulal Co PI
3 Ex-situ conservation and bio-systematic studies on the Piper species of Kerala Forest with special reference to intraspecific variants of wild Piper nigrum   Dr. P J Mathew PI    
4 Piper nigrum micropropagation programme   Dr. Bejoy Mathew    
5 Search for potential biologically active constituents from a hitherto uninvestigated, unique bamboo: Melocanna baccifera   Dr. K C Koshy    
6 Ex-situ and In- situ conservation of Gacinia imberti Bourd. – an endangered and endemic tree of the southern Western Ghats   Dr. C Anilkumar    
7 Preparation of an illustrated bilingual field guide on medicinal fruits, seeds and their seedlings occurring in Kerala Forests.   Dr. Anilkumar C    
8 Establishment and maintenance of JNTBGRI seed bank   Dr. Anil Kumar C    
9 Establishment of National collection and conservation-education centre of Medicinal, Aromatic & Spice Plants   Dr. P J Mathew PI    
10 Ex-situ conservation of genetic resource of selected medicinal plants and assessment of intraspecific variability   Dr. P J Mathew PI    
11 Field Gene Bank development of selected medicinal and aromatic plants and characterization of germplasm.   Dr. P J Mathew PI    
12 Development of a Systematic Garden for Herbal Plants   Dr. E S Santhosh Kumar PI    
13 Mass production of Ornamentals using Tissue Culture Techniques.   Dr. Bejoy Mathew    
14 Tissue culture Multiplication of Popular Banana and Other Commercially important Taxa.   Dr. Bejoy Mathew    
15 Cyto-taxonomic investigations on bamboos of the Western Ghats   Dr. K C Koshy    
16 Conservation of Bamboos at TBGRI   Dr. K C Koshy    
17 National Collection of Orchids   Dr. C Sathish Kumar    
18 Building Up a Conservatory for Carnivorous Plants   Dr. C Sathish Kumar    
Completed Projects
1 Bioprospecting of selected gingers from Western Ghats: Morphological Characterisation and Chemical prospecting   Dr. Mathew Dan PI
Dr. B Sabulal Co PI
2 Establishment of a milieu based sanctuary and conservation education centre of medicinal plants of the Western Ghats.   Dr. P J Mathew PI
Dr. Mathew Dan Co PI
C. Muraleedharan Unnithan Co PI
3 Collection, micropropagation and reintroduction of some endemic zingibers of Western Ghats   Dr. Bejoy Mathew PI
Dr. Mathew Dan Co PI
4 Establishment of a model medicinal plant garden at TBGRI   Dr. P J Mathew PI
Dr. Mathew Dan Co PI
C Muraleedharan Unnithan Co PI
5 Seed Biology studies on selected Medicinal Plants of Shola Forests in Southern Western Ghats   Dr. Anilkumar C PI    
6 National Gene bank project on Medicinal and Aromatic Plants”   Dr. P J Mathew, Dr. Anilkumar C and Dr. Sam P Mathew
Co PIs
7 Studies on seed biology and nursery practices of Coscinium fenestratum and ex-situ conservation of the species through establishment of field gene bank and seed bank   Dr. Anil Kumar C PI    
8 Network project on RET medicinal plants of South and North East India.   Dr. Mathew Dan, Dr. Anilkumar C and Dr. Sam P Mathew
Co PIs
9 Carpology studies on five species of Rauvolfia   Dr. Anil Kumar C PI







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