Plant systematics and Evolutionary science

Research activities of the division mainly focused on survey exploration and documentation of florestic wealth, molecular and mushroom taxonomy, reproductive biology, ecosystem assessment, assessment of threat status of ‘Red listed species’ and rescue & restoration of rare & endangered species. The division is also implementing biosphere reserve and lead garden programmes with the assistance of MoEF, Government of India.


  • Floristic studies and Biodiversity evaluation of ecologically sensitive areas of Western Ghats of Kerala.
  • Survey, Documentation and Analysis of natural resources for their sustainable utilization.
  • Preparation of status report on Threatened plants of Kerala
  • Ethnobotanical studies for documenting indigenous knowledge systems of Kerala
  • Studies on population structure and dynamics of RET species.
  • Development of conservation strategies for RET species in both in situ and ex situ environment.
  • Standardization of package of practices for restoration ecology
    • Environmental Impact Assessment on development project
    • Establishment of Modern Herbarium to promote research on taxonomy and imparting training on Herbarium management

The division had initiated and operated many programs/Projects in pursuance of the said objectives through in-house and external funded resources. Since its inception the division had operated ten projects and 6 are currently in operation.


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